Grand Council Officers

2023-2024 Elected and Appointed Officers 

 Grand Master
Philip J. Palmer, Jr.
Deputy Grand Master George S. Nicol
Grand Principal Conductor of the Work Nicholas J. Sampogna

Grand Recorder Sylvanus J.A. Newstead
Asst. Grand Recorder Neilbert Knights
Grand Treasurer Fitzgerald O. Williams

Grand Chaplain Elijah C. Mills
Deputy Grand Chaplain Jean-Claude Eugene

Grand Captain of the Guard Michael O. Spencer
Grand Conductor of Council Mark A. Wright
Grand Marshal Andre Vainqueur
Grand Steward Egerton Forster-Jones

Grand Trustee (2024) Marcel J. Desroches
Grand Trustee (2025) Walter P. Benesch
Grand Trustee (2026) Gerald W. Peeters

Grand Visitor & Lecturer Philip Palmer, Sr.
Deputy Grand Visitor & Lecturer Solomon S. Jackson
Grand Sentinel Pablo Alejandro Rocha

Grand Musician Clement Snetter
Assistant to the Grand Master Eloi P. Kpamegan