Georgetown York Rite Bodies

The Georgetown York Rite Bodies are composed of Washington-Potomac Chapter No. 8, Royal Arch Masons; Washington Council No. 1, Cryptic Masons; and Potomac Commandery No. 3, Knights Templar. The bodies meet on a rotating basis on the first Thursday of every month at the Georgetown Masonic Hall.

Unified Petition
Master Masons interested in joining the Georgetown York Rite may download this petition (PDF), which contains all three petitions. Please fill out the petition, print and sign your signature, before submitting to the corresponding body’s secretary.

Petition Fees
Petition fees must be paid at the time the petition is submitted for consideration. Each body has its own separate fee and payment can be made online.

Pay Washington-Potomac Chapter No.8 petition fee here.

Pay Washington Council No. 1 petition fee here.

Pay Potomac Commandery No. 3 fee here.

Annual Dues
Annual dues for each body are processed separately and paper/electronic notices are sent out each year. Members may also remit their annual dues using the links below:

Pay Washington-Potomac Chapter No. 8 dues here.

Pay Washington Council No. 1 dues here.

Pay Potomac Commandery No. 3 dues here.