Grand Chapter Officers


2023-2024 Elected and Appointed Officers 


 Grand High Priest
Jean-Paul Dongmo, Sr.
Grand King Marcel J. Desroches, Jr.
Grand Scribe Mark A. Wright

Grand Secretary Robert H. Starr
Grand Treasurer Richard C. Chandler 
Grand Chaplain Elijah C. Mills
Grand Visitor and Lecturer Douglas N. Cohen

Grand Trustee (2024): James W. Mitchell
Grand Trustee (2025): Joel R. Kahn, PHP
Grand Trustee (2026): Peter W. Brusoe, PGHP 

Grand Captain of the Host Fitzgerald O. Williams
Grand Principal Sojourner Michael O. Spencer
Grand Royal Arch Captain Andre Vainqueur

Grand Master of the 3rd Veil George E. Perez
Grand Master of the 2nd Veil Kevin L. Coy
Grand Master of the 1st Veil Youssour M. Diallo
Grand Sentinel Koffivi P. Sedzro
Grand Historian Chris B. Ruli

Grand Marshal Michael J. Erickson
Grand Almoner Neilbert Knights
Grand Preceptor Christopher DiPasquale
Assistant Grand Visitor and Lecturer Solomon S. Jackson
Assistant Grand Chaplain Pierre Charlemagne
Assistant Grand Sentinel John Costanza
Assistant to the Grand High Priest Desire Tessofo F.
Assistant to the Grand High Priest Michael Graver
Aide to the Grand High Priest Raymon W. Bacchus
Aide to the Grand High Priest Andrew Uhlman