Grand Chapter Officers

2017-2018 Elected and Appointed Officers 

 Grand High Priest
Philip J. Palmer, Jr.
Grand King Peter Brusoe
Grand Scribe Sylvanus Newstead

Grand Secretary Teko A. Foly, PGHP
Grand Treasurer Joel R. Kahn
Grand Chaplain Rev. Canon Daniel D. Darko, PGHP

Grand Trustee (2020): Robert Starr, PGHP
Grand Trustee (2019): James Mitchell, PGHP
Grand Trustee (2018): Alwyn Taylor, PGHP

Grand Captain of the Host Annas Kamara
Grand Principal Sojourner Leslie Rogers-Wright
Grand Royal Arch Captain Roger Cundiff

Grand Master 3rd Veil Victor Petrosian
Grand Master 2nd Veil Nicholas J. Sampogna
Grand Master 1st Veil Jose Rubio
Grand Sentinel Pablo Rocha

Grand Visitor & Lecturer Douglas Cohen
Asst. Grand Visitor & Lecturer Walter Benesch
Director of the Work and Lectures committee: Alwyn B. Taylor
Aide-de-Camp for the Grand High Priest Propser Houssou
Grand Organist Pierrindo Palmer