Grand Chapter Officers

Royal Arch Masonry will be the place where brothers from different masonic backgrounds can come together to enjoy comradeship, learn leadership and planning skills, experience meaningful and well-presented rituals, and have a positive impact on their blue lodges and local communities.

2019-2021 Elected and Appointed Officers 

 Grand High Priest
Sylvanus J.A. Newstead
Grand King Annas F. Kamara
Grand Scribe Nicholas J. Sampogna

Grand Secretary Gerald W. Peeters
Grand Treasurer Richard C. Chandler 
Grand Chaplain Rev. Canon Daniel D. Darko, PGHP 

Grand Trustee (2022): James W. Mitchell, PGHP
Grand Trustee (2021): Joel Kahn, PGHP 
Grand Trustee (2020): Robert H. Starr, PGHP

Grand Captain of the Host Jean-Paul Dongmo
Grand Principal Sojourner Jon Bouma
Grand Royal Arch Captain Marcel J. Desroches

Grand Master 3rd Veil vacant
Grand Master 2nd Veil Jose Rubio
Grand Master 1st Veil Mark Wright
Grand Sentinel Victor Petrossian

Grand Visitor & Lecturer Douglas N. Cohen
Asst. Grand Chaplain Elijah C. Mills
Asst. Grand Chaplain Youssouf Diallo
Grand Marshal / Asst. Grand Captain of the Host Michael O. Spencer