Grand Chapter Committees

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the District of Columbia
2019 – 2020 Royal Arch Committees

*Grand Secretary and Grand High Priest are ‘Ex-Officio’ on all committees

Section 38:   Committee on Bylaws:
Chair: Anthony Pandolfo
Members: Anthony Pandolfo, Neilbert Knights, Fitzgerald Williams, Peter Brusoe.

Section 39:   Committee on Grievances
Chair: Jesse Villareal
Members: Jesse Villareal, Philip Palmer, Sr. Kevin Coy

Section 40:   Committee on Recognition/Correspondence:
Chair: Marcel J. Desroches, Jr.
Members: Marcel J. Desroches, Bud Michels, Mark A. Wright

Section 41:   Committee on Work and Lectures:
Chair: Harold Grainger
Members: Harold Grainger, Doug Cohen, Solomon Jackson, Nicholas Sampogna

Section 42: Committee on Accounts:
Chair: Nicholas Sampogna
Members: Grand King, Grand Scribe, Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer

Section 43: Committee on Jurisprudence:
Chair: Robert H. Starr
Members: Robert H. Starr, Richard Chandler, Adam N. Tager, Philip J. Palmer, Jr., Mark Wright

Section 44:   Committee on Royal Arch Advancement
Chair: Jean-Paul Dongmo, Sr.
Members: Jean-Paul Dongmo, Sr., James W. Mitchell, Solomon Jackson, Emmanuel Findlay, Peter Brusoe.

Section 45:   Committee on General Grand Chapter Awards:
Chair: Grand High Priest
Members: Grand High Priest, Grand King, Grand Scribe, Grand Secretary

Section 46:   Committee on Editing and Printing:
Chair: Chris Ruli
Members: Chris Ruli, Elijah Mills, Morgan Corr

Masonic Youth Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Mark Dreisenstock
Members: Mark Dreisenstock, Alan Gordon, Teko Foly