Chapter of the Year Competition

Our chapters are doing awesome things every day, every week and every month of the year.  We want to recognize the outstanding work that the chapters are doing by having a “Chapter of the Year Contest.”(COTY)  Below is full information on the program.

What is the Chapter of The Year Program (COTY)? There are various measures of vitality for Royal Arch Chapters. Is the Chapter sharing the Royal Arch experience with their brother masons? Is the chapter performing good ritual? Are there interesting programs? The Chapter of the Year program allows us to measure and chart progress.

How does a Chapter compete? Each High Priest has been asked to name a COTY chairperson for their chapter. This companion will file the monthly report with the Grand Chapter COTY Director, EC Walter Benesch.<>

When are forms due? Forms are due 10 days after the close of the month.

What are the different point categories?
We classify chapter activity based on Membership , Planning and Activities , Ritual, Charity and Grand Chapter Participation.  They each have a different point value that can be found on the reporting form.

What if there is an activity we’re doing that isn’t listed here? This is our first year doing a COTY program. and some things may be missed. If you want to see something added or need clarification please contact Peter Brusoe at This is a learning process for all of us!

I feel like something is unfair because….  Each chapter is unique and that presents its own challenge. If you have a concern please contact Peter Brusoe at

 Links to download forms: